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The Winter Solstice. New Beginnings.

December 21st is the winter solstice: the shortest day and longest night of the year here in Earth’s northern hemisphere. From the scientific point of view, this is when the axis of rotation of the Earth toward the Sun is maximal.

The word “solstice” comes from the Latin words sol sistere, which means “sun standing still.” It’s a yearly astronomical turning point that humans have celebrated for millennia (just think Stonehenge or the ancient Maya).

Since ancient times, cultures all over the world had certain rituals and customs meant specifically to welcome the return of the sun, as the days after the winter solstice will get longer through the rest of the year.

Today is the perfect day for a fresh start! The winter solstice day is suitable for any new beginnings - you can achieve success in your career, radically change your personal life, improve your financial well-being and, most importantly, improve your health and wellness.

Here are the steps you can take today to start making your dreams a reality in the new year:

  • Clean the house and get rid of all the old broken things;

  • Try to complete all the tasks you don't wish to endure in the new year;

  • Return and collect the debts. Or forgive others their debts with all your heart;

  • Clear your mind and thoughts and release old grievances;

  • Today is an excellent day to meditate as the earth receives powerful energy from the sun;

  • Manifest your dreams and make plans. Be specific about your goals, write it down and come up with basic steps for successful execution;

  • To strengthen the action of solar energy, it is advised to visualize what you want to get as a result.

Your Body:

Take care of your body from the inside out!

In the next three days:

  • Avoid any meat or animal products in your diet as much as you can;

  • Avoid any greasy or heavy foods;

  • Eat fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables;

  • Avoid being overly full and bloated;

  • Choose whole foods over processed;

  • Drink fresh pressed green juices and eat raw fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and seeds. The next three days are perfect for fasting and detoxing;

  • Drink plenty of water and herbal teas. The best herbs for this period are cloves, anise, verbena, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, jasmine, lavender, and juniper;

  • Avoid any kind of strenuous activities! The energy around you might be too intense for the next three days so take it easy;

  • Listen to your body, rest when you feel the need and practice yoga.

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